Programme of virtual meetings to develop trading partnerships between Scotland and California


Why California?

If California were a sovereign nation, it would rank as the world's fifth largest economy, ahead of India and behind Germany based on 2019 data clearly showing that California is a force to be reckoned with.

A visit by West Lothian Chamber of Commerce (WLCC) would be allow the following ties to be developed:

Develop links between technology companies to develop products and services suitable for a post COVID world e.g. developing solutions using big data.

Promote Scottish products e.g. Glenmorangie whisky to Californian market.

Examine at California’s response to COVID-19 in field of public services. LA metro is considering making transport free to encourage people to use public transport and examining on demand transport. This would offer potential case studies and best practice to encourage greater public transport use.

Learn from sustainability solutions: California as a country bear the brunt of climate change and have made a number of sustainability commitments e.g. completely decarbonize its electric grid by 2045. A trip to California would allow promotion of WLCC’s members regarding sustainability services and climate change adaptation solutions

Share solutions to social problems: Despite the economic wealth of California, there is an issue with homelessness which increased on 16% in Los Angeles and 17% San Francisco in 2019. A visit to California would allow WLCC a to see the solutions California have come up with and share and develop with WLCC members for the benefit of the wider community.




Start: 03/03/2021
End: 05/03/2021


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If you have any questions about applying for the mission, please get in touch.
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